We like to see what you made with the magnetic pixels.
Please send in your own designs.
They will be added to the online gallery right here.
Make a photo and send your design by email.
Thanks for participating.

Here are some submissions that came in

This one is from Charles Faulkner (New York City)
He is an actor in NYC and a big Shakespeare fan. In order to create this pixelated portrait he actually repainted the magnetic pixles with acrylic paint. (He was able to use 3 of the original colors from the Magnetic Pixels set)
Very cool idea of him to do it like that. I am sure this technique can help other people to create images that are impossible to make with the colors that come with the set. Thanks Charles and good luck with your acting career. Improvise some more!

This latest one is from Adrien Rebuzzi, a developer from France. He is really into retrogames and does quite a lot of Pixel Art (his nickname is darokin)
Check him out here:
Thanks Adrien, keep it coming!

This one is from Kit Willes from North Carolina
He used the magnetic pixels to create Super Mario
Well done and thanks for sending it in!

This one is from Andres Hernandez (New York City)
He created this image based on the Avatar poster. Because it is mostly blue this one works great with the magnetic pixels. Excellent job! Thanks for sending it in Andres

Take a look at these images from Mette van Essen, She was missing about 30 of the bright red pixels. She did not mind but her friends were joking about some sort of digital damages to the image, bad compresiion errors etc
I send her some extra pixels so she could finish her Superhero.
Thanks for the picture Mette!

Emile Vrolijk asks:
I just bought the superhero and it's amazing. But where can I buy magnets to make it with a picture of my son,

A: Emile,
We are working on new sets of Magnetic Pixels. Basically we need more skintones, more greens, and overall more gray scale would be sufficient for most images.
The way you have setup your picture of your son looks very nice but it uses a lot of pixels. Too many in my opinion. He looks great but it takes about 12,000 pixels.
Probably you can simplify it into something more like 1,000 pixels.

Hopefully we will be able to release just packs of 100 or 200 pixels per color as well.

This came from Friedrich Stiebeling
I really love the idea of the magnetic pixels. But in fact you are running out of the right pixel colors very fast if you build your own.
If you sell colours in seperately, that would be a great deal!
I send you my favourite pixel image attached...