Invader Show at Jonathan Levine in Chelsea

Finally got to see the Invader show at Jonathan Levine Gallery, just before it closed. I was familiar with his work ofcourse - see Jaws, for instance - but the Rubiks cube pieces I only saw on the web. Now I got to see them in real live! Very cool.

My favorites were Abbey Road from the Beatles and Atom Heart Mother from Pink Floyd. There were 2 pieces sold (Abbey Road and Velvet Underground) and maybe some smaller pieces as well. Those I did not care for that much. Rainbow gradation Space Invaders on a black background. See images below.

There was also a small b/w piece that was setup in QR code. I had never heard of that code. Apparently it is popular in Japan where even the cellphones come equipped to decipher that code. I have no idea what this picture means, but I liked it. There was also a video shown on an iPhone. Watch it here.

The bigger pieces were $17,000, the medium ones $12,000 and the small ones around $3,000. You can probably make them yourself (order those 400 cubes wholesale so you have them delivered instead of dragging them over from the store!) but it would miss that little engraving that each piece of Invader has. (See image below) It seems the Rubiks cubes are glued onto a fairly thin surface (5mm or 1/4") that hangs with 4 hooks on the wall.

The Supertramp one I could not even recognize. Only after I looked at it on my digital camera screen did I see what it was. Pretty funny how the the image just locks into your mind when it gets smaller. I tried to do the same thing for the giant rubiks wall-piece that was there. I would think it would be taken from somewhere or represent something, but I can't figure it out. Maybe it is just a side of one of the pieces, or some Rubiks cube thrown like dice in a random pattern. Ot maybe the rubiks column had something to do with it. Please email me if you know the answer or if you figure it out.

That was actually an idea I thought of: You could make these images with colored dice. I am sure they come in a variety of colors, or even translucent colors.
It would make for a thinner wall piece and it would look very good. The translucent ones could be in front of a window so the light shines through, like stained glass.