Bathroom Tile - Pixel Art by Christoph Niemann

When you design a bathroom in square tiles you are making pixel art. Not only do you have a limited amount of tiles, but you are also restricted to the colors that are available. A classic pixel art restriction setup that in the right hands gets great results.
Above is the design for the bathroom that Illustrator Christoph Niemann designed and actually executed in his home in Berlin! Obviously based on the Brillo logo made iconic by Andy Warhol, but originally designed by James Harvey.
Please see Niemann's column in the New York Times about this endeavor. It is fun to read and there are many more bathroom tile designs (pixel art) he made that are all really good. Below are some of my other favourites. He also recreated the NYC subway map in tiles for his kids' bathroom.
Too bad he only has 2 bathrooms. Maybe it's time for a weekend house...

After Gerhard Richter and Mark Rothko above and David Hockney below. Note how Niemann changed the composition of the picture to make it work for his bathroom layout but kept the integrity of the painting quite well.