Pixel Coasters

These coasters come as a stack of 50 coasters folded accordean style. So it is really a super long strip, which can be broken apart into individual coasters. Each coaster has a random arrangement of color shades, so each coaster is just a little different from the next one. The coasters are made up of 110 individual 1cm square “pixels” which are perforated in a way that lets you selectively remove blocks from each square.

They’re made from a resilient paper fiber that should hold up to the condensation you might get on the bottom of your cup, or the occasional spill. It comes in blue and pink.

Pixel Coasters are only available from Taiwanese design retailer 25togo, A pack of 50 coasters sells for 300 Taiwan Dollars, or around US $8.40.

[ via Technabob ]